Capturing Insights From Leaders Who Surf- We Want To Hear From You

Two years ago I launched LeaderSurf, leadership development done differently. Having spent 20+ years developing and facilitating leadership development programs, I saw a clear gap in the market. Most leadership development programs fail to deliver sustainable behavior change. I am a strong proponent of experiential learning and sought to design a highly experiential leadership development program that would push participants out of their comfort zones. Combining my passion for surfing, leadership development, humanitarian aid and international travel, LeaderSurf began to take shape. Two years later and several successful programs later, the concept is gaining traction.

I have met several business leaders from around the globe and across multiple industries who are surfers. Each has their own story of how surfing has influenced their life and their career. It is my desire to tap into those stories as I continue to build the LeaderSurf program and brand.

If you are a business leader who surfs, I would like for you to take 10 minutes to share your story. Please use the link below to share your story.

My Surfing Story Link

The goal is to compile as many stories from business professionals who surf as possible. These stories will be compiled and shared as we continue to develop the LeaderSurf program.

Your input, insights and feedback will help others to discover the magic of the sport of surfing and help them to see that surfing is more than just a sport.

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