The ROI of LeaderSurf

Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars

How Can We measure LeaderSurf's Effectiveness?

The flaw with most leadership development programs is that they fail to deliver sustainable behavior change.  We recognize this flaw and have built LeaderSurf to be different.  The overall experience is so immersive and hands on that participants leave with an indelible memory of the program.  It is human nature to remember experiences better than things we read or learn through lecture.  Can you recall your first trip outside of your home country?  We bet you can.  Because LeaderSurf is a field trip for experienced leaders, the week-long experience has a lasting impact on our participants.  Participants build greater self-awareness through the program, connect with business leaders from other companies and industries and gain valuable feedback on their leadership style.  Spending a full week in a cohort based program engaging in new experiences including surfing lessons, creates life long bonds and memories.  To prove this we have followed up with our past participants to gain their feedback months after returning from LeaderSurf. 


Kevin, Founder of Advent Coworking

(LeaderSurf February 2017)

Kevin LeaderSurf.JPG

"LeaderSurf’s global group of participants gave me a perspective for how to manage my business differently. After taking their advice, my business is dynamically more successful, and I’m much more empowered. Without LeaderSurf, I can’t say where my business would be today."

Since attending LeaderSurf Kevin has bought out his business partner, expanded his business with new investment and launched a second business Community MBA


Denise, President Motley Fool Asset Management

(LeaderSurf February 2017)

Denise LeaderSurf.JPG

"I think the lasting impact for me is the sense of perspective LeaderSurf provided. On the business/leadership front, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the problems of your business and start to think you’re all alone out there. Talking to peers outside of your company is a great reminder that the issues you’re facing are not unique, and there are others out there who can help you. On the personal side, helping to provide clean water to the Nicaraguans and actually interacting with the people whose lives you are changing really puts your (literal) first world problems in perspective."


Jason, Principal Partner AccruePartners

(LeaderSurf February 2017)

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"My experience with LeaderSurf was impactful both professionally and personally.  Taking into account the various opinions, methods of leadership and professional approach of other leaders allowed for a great deal of additional perspective, amplified by the fact that we were in an environment where it was easy to open up and be receptive to new ideas." 


Community Impact

An important component of the LeaderSurf program is our LeaderServe clean water humanitarian aid project. We believe the best leaders are servant leaders.  They recognize that leadership is about serving others rather than themselves.  The humanitarian aid project is a critical component of the LeaderSurf program.  In addition to making a lasting impression on our participants the humanitarian aid work has had a profound and lasting impact on communities in Nicaragua.

52 Clean Water Filters Installed

5,200 Gallons of Clean Drinking Water Supplied Per Day

300+ Families impacted by LeaderSurf participants work

$1,000+ Funds raised by past LeaderSurf participants for Tropical Storm Nate Relief Fund


Engaged and Committed Employees

LeaderSurf has attracted participants from Norway to Johannesburg to Chicago.  Past participants have been promoted since the program and have gone on to play larger roles in their organizations and in their communities.  Participating companies have seen the program drive employee engagement and growth for their participants.  LeaderSurf makes for a great recruitment story when companies are looking to attract seasoned leaders to join their organizations.

50% of LeaderSurf participating organizations have sent people to more than one LeaderSurf program

This is a testament to the value that these organizations are deriving from leveraging LeaderSurf as a development tool for their organizations.