LeaderSurf is focused on making participants better leaders through teaching them to surf.  Always wanted to learn to surf? This program is for you.

Playa Santana offers the Perfect Location to Learn to surf

Yes, it is true:  South-western Nicaragua receives 300+ days of offshore winds per year.  The constant south swells, warm and pristine water, and the beautiful untouched surroundings, make our region a true surfers' paradise with countless waves to explore.  There are surf breaks that are perfect for beginners who have never tried surfing before and progressively more challenging waves to meet each persons level of competence.

With consistent daily swell, warm water and sandy bottom surf spots, LeaderSurf has chosen the perfect location to teach our participants how to surf.  Lessons start on the beach with fundamentals before participants and the professional surf instructors enter the water.  We maintain a good ratio of instructors to participants, never having more than five participants assigned to a single instructor.  These small class sizes insure that each participant receives the attention required to progress their surfing skills quickly.

"WOW!!! I still can't get over the surfing experience. I'm so amazed that I could do it. And I'm truly excited for the next time I will go surfing. It was fantastic to learn something that I never thought I would ever learn. A great way to get out of our comfort zones and put all the participants on the same level. It was just beautiful! I miss the surfing already!"

Learning to surf much like learning any new skills takes practice and repetition.  Given the excellent learning conditions, most beginners are up and riding their first waves on their very first day in the water.  The surf instructors work on fundamentals and break the lessons into specific areas of focus that accelerate the learning curve.  We will use video and photography to provide visual feedback to the learners.

The Surf Instructors:  Rayito and Aura

Aura and Rayito LeaderSurf instructors
"Aura and Rayito were incredible! They were talented, patient, humble, made us feel comfortable with the mechanics of surfing they genuinely took an interest in us as people. When it comes to qualities of an ideal teacher, they checked all the boxes and more. I think we all learned a lot from them."
"Rayito and Aura were awesome, patient, and catered to each individual's needs."
"What a heart. For surfing and for others. Aura feels like someone you've known forever even though you've just met her. The best teachers in anything are those who have the sort of passion that makes you immediately want to know what they know - and she certainly does that."