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Space is limited to 10 participants per program

Join us for the most impactful leadership development program you have ever attended.

LeaderSurf is a leadership development program based on experiential learning and focused on enhancing leadership capability. Are you a seasoned business leader with a thirst for learning and adventure?  LeaderSurf is a unique week-long leadership development program at the remote surfing beach Playa Santana in Nicaragua, Central America.  Join like-minded professionals for a week of self-improvement, executive coaching and life coaching.  The structured program will provide a unique learning opportunity with life skills that will translate into better career performance.  As an added bonus you and the other participants will either learn to surf or enhance your surfing skills on great waves.


Our Next Leadership Development Program will be held

June 11-16, 2017


Location:  Playa Santana, Nicaragua

Classroom in Paradise

Participant Testimonials

Five Star Rating for LeaderSurf
"LeaderSurf is an exciting concept in an of itself, so I knew I was in for a great experience. But it definitely exceeded my expectations and counts as one of my most memorable journeys. The combination of participants, the location, the leadership skills and the surfing made for such an unusual and rewarding experience. You come out with an awareness, a consciousness and a practical set of tools that are easy to apply. I am thoroughly impressed with this program and think it is something that all aspiring leaders, or current leaders looking to grow their influence and impact, should experience."
-Advertising Agency Executive
I've been through a lot of leadership training -- including two, multi-year programs -- so I was a little skeptical that I would get much more out of this program. But I was very pleasantly surprised. Working with a small group of, well, strangers -- people who I don't work with -- led to very open, constructive conversations that offered new and unbiased perspectives. Taking the training out of the workplace and making it truly experiential made it a more memorable and impactful experience.
-Financial Services Executive

What does surfing have to do with leadership?

Keeping in balance

Balance is Key

Surfing requires excellent balance and so does effective leadership.

Keep in balance LeaderSurf

Keep in Balance 

Work -- Family/Life

Short term priorities -- Long term goals

Personal needs -- Needs of others

Growing revenue -- Containing costs

Competing -- Collaborating

LeaderSurf Wave logo

Be Prepared

Catching an ocean wave is hard.  Much like leading a business it requires preparation for success.

Be prepared LeaderSurf

Planning and hard work are required for success

Must put yourself in the right position for success

Must be courageous and overcome your fear of failure

Must have the right tools for the task at hand

Keep in perspective

Maintain Perspective

Keeping things in perspective is an important skill for leaders and surfers.  One must acknowledge and respect his or her surroundings.

Maintain perspective LeaderSurf

Both the ocean and the business world are constantly evolving

It is important to recognize your insignificance within the greater world around you

Remember to focus on those things within your own control

There is great importance in being fully present

Success requires scanning the horizon for opportunities and threats


Program Components

  • Leadership development assessments including Leading Dimensions Profile and the Resilience Factor Inventory (RFI)
  • One on one executive coaching sessions with certified executive coach
  • Individual business challenge sharing with peer advisory panel
  • Humanitarian community project to provide access to clean drinking water through Waves for Water Partnership
  • Learning to surf: Mapping learning a new skill to learning to be a better leader
  • Focused learning modules on topics including:  
    • Leadership versus management
    • Building personal resilience- bouncing back from adversity
    • Unlocking the power of teamwork
    • Defining ones personal leadership brand
    • Enhancing self-awareness to build leadership capability

When was the last time you learned a new skill?

Learning new skills is something we thrive on in our youth, but as business and family commitments fill our time, it becomes increasingly difficult to carve out time to learn a new skill.  Surfing is a transformative skill that can be learned at any age.  At LeaderSurf we believe that learning to surf and learning to be a better leader can go hand-in-hand.



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