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Leadership Is About Giving Back

Leadership is about helping others.  LeaderSurf firmly believes that our program must instill the value of servant leadership in our participants.  We see no better way than by giving back to the community.  LeaderServe is our community service initiative.  Participants spend a full day helping people in need through our program.

Nosara Community Project

The community of Nosara, Costa Rica needs support. While the beach area is a tourist destination, the rest of Nosara is relatively poor. Houses are not well built and the children lack clothing and school supplies. The LeaderServe community project helps with home repairs, school supplies and clothing for those in need. The coolest part of our project is the installation of swing sets. We aim to create a sustainable and fun place for local children to congregate and play. The installation of the swing sets makes for a create lasting addition to the community. See the video below of our last swingset project.

Nicaragua LeaderServe Water Air Project

Nicaragua is the poorest country in the region.  The average income is less than $1 a day for 40% of the population.  Nicaragua needs clean water.  Lack of access to safe water costs Nicaragua an estimated 1,912 million cordobas or US $95 million yearly.  That is 1.5% of their GDP.  Access to safe drinking water is a major issue in Nicaragua.

Our Partnership with Local Communities

LeaderServe has partnered with a local doctor and community leader to organize our community aid day.


The LeaderSurf program is focused on building sustainable behavior change in our participants.  We believe strongly in the philosophy of servant leadership.  Leadership is about being "selfless" not "selfish" and our water aid project day highlights this philosophy.  We are changing the lives of Nica's by providing communities with clean drinking water.  Thus far the program has helped over forty families.


The Community Project at LeaderSurf

LeaderSurf program participants will spend one day delivering water filtration systems to Nicaraguan villages.  With the aid of Waves for Water and a local doctor, our program participants will travel to a local village where they will meet with the villagers to introduce the filtration system, install the filters and to train the people on how to use and clean the filters.  Through this effort, LeaderServe will be making a sustainable difference in the community.

The community project is an impactful and essential component of the LeaderSurf program.  It exposes our participants to the poverty that impacts the people of Nicaragua.  This helps the participants place their work and life challenges into perspective.

Even if your organization cannot send someone to participate in LeaderSurf you can still contribute to our humanitarian aid project.  Contact LeaderSurf to learn how.

Organizations who would like to do more to support our humanitarian work can provide additional resources and sponsorship beyond sending an executive to the week-long LeaderSurf program. Contact us at info@leadersurf.com to learn more how your organization can help.

If you want to contribute to our Clean Water project, please consider a donation on our GoFundMe page.

If you want to contribute to our Clean Water project, please consider a donation on our GoFundMe page.

LeaderServe Aid Project Testimonials

"I knew it would be amazing and it even exceeding that thinking!"

-HR Executive

"Just the trip to get there was eye opening enough, but then to see those families emerge from the land and welcome us into their home to help them with something that we take for granted every day was something I will never forget. As I said in my reflection that night, it was about love that day - Jesus pours it into us so we can pour it into others. Crazy thing is that I got so much more than I gave that day."

-Pharmaceutical Industry Executive

"It exceeded my expectations in that I didn't realize how these families were living, and how invaluable a water filter is to them. I left feeling good that LeaderSurf will keep contributing to this project."

-Advertising Agency Executive

Involvement with the Surfrider Foundation

LeaderSurf's founder, Brian Formato is a member of the board of the Charlotte Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.  He is actively involved in protecting our oceans and waterways.  Water is such a precious resource that needs to be conserved and protected.