Leadership Is About Giving Back

Leadership is about helping others.  LeaderSurf firmly believes that our program must instill the value of servant leadership in our participants.  We see no better way than by giving back to the community.  

Nicaragua is the poorest country in the region.  The average income is less than $1 a day for 40% of the population.  Nicaragua needs clean water.  Lack of access to safe water costs Nicaragua an estimated 1,912 million cordobas or US $95 million yearly.  That is 1.5% of their GDP.  Access to safe drinking water is a major issue in Nicaragua.

Our Partnership with Waves for Water

LeaderSurf has partnered with Waves for Water, a 503c licensed non-profit organization, whose mission is


Waves for Water has launched efforts to install water filtration systems in villages all over the world.  LeaderSurf searched for the right partner for our community project and is very pleased to be partnering with Waves for Water.  


The Community Project at LeaderSurf

LeaderSurf program participants will spend one day delivering water filtration systems to Nicaraguan villages.  With the aid of Waves for Water and a local doctor, our program participants will travel to a local village where they will meet with the villagers to introduce the filtration system, install the filters and to train the people on how to use and clean the filters.  Through this effort, LeaderSurf will be making a sustainable difference in the community.

The community project is an impactful and essential component of the LeaderSurf program.  It exposes our participants to the poverty that impacts the people of Nicaragua.  This helps the participants place their work and life challenges into perspective.

Even if your organization cannot send someone to participate in LeaderSurf you can still contribute to our humanitarian aid project.  Donate by clicking the link below:

Organizations who would like to do more to support our humanitarian work can provide additional resources and sponsorship beyond sending an executive to the week-long LeaderSurf program. Contact us at info@leadersurf.com to learn more how your organization can help.