Why Should Your Company Send You To LeaderSurf?

LeaderSurf morning surf session


The Benefits of the progam

As a business leader, you spend your days striving for results, motivating your team, pleasing your customers, creating PowerPoint presentations for your organization, fighting fires, cutting costs, driving revenue, coaching and developing your employees, creating SOPs, leaning out processes, measuring ROI, sitting in back to back meetings, responding to emails, hosting conference calls and the list goes on.  You are busy, super busy and your days are long and filled with important tasks to move your company forward.

To be effective at all the tasks mentioned above requires that you step back on occasion to take stock of what is working and what is not. Doing so at work is nearly impossible.  Leadership development is all about making you a more effective leader.

LeaderSurf is a timeout.  It is a deliberate attempt to free you from your day to day and to provide a unique experience that will build leadership capability that is sustainable and delivers real positive behavior change.

  • Six days of powerful learning:

    • about oneself

    • how to motivate and inspire others

    • about the challenges and opportunities of learning a new skill

    • how to leverage conflict as a powerful decision making tool

    • about another culture and the challenges they face and the ways you can help

    • about being more mindful and deliberate in your actions and behaviors

    • about the benefits of wellness; healthy body, happy mind

  • A learning community of like-minded leaders from various companies and functions

    • personal and business relationships to last a lifetime

    • deep and meaningful conversations about business with a group that bring diverse perspectives

  • A remote beautiful pristine location that truly shifts ones perspective

    • being close to nature inspires people to be more creative and innovative

    • an environment free from the hustle and bustle of daily life is re-energizing

framing the pitch to your boss

You:  I am interested in improving my leadership skills and I have identified a non-traditional leadership development program that can deliver positive and lasting results.

Boss:  Sounds interesting, tell me more.

You:  The week-long program is an experiential learning program for a group of ten executives from various companies.  The program is led by a certified coach who provides leadership development and human capital consulting services to several Fortune 500 companies. Unlike traditional classroom based leadership development programs this program has some very unique features.  The program is held at unique locations either near Charleston, SC or in Central America.  The meetings and workshops are held in various venues around the resort with some sessions being held outside and others in more traditional meeting space.  The program includes the use of two psychometric personality assessment tools; the Leading Dimensions Profile and the Resilience Factor Inventory (RFI).  There is an action learning component where each participant shares a business challenge that they are facing and leverages the other participants for suggestions on how to address the challenge.  Participants get four hours of one on one coaching as part of the program.  There is a community service half day activity to help people in need through the LeaderServe humanitarian aid project. The curriculum is very rich with topics that are pertinent to every business. See the full itinerary.

LeaderSurf Program Formula

Boss:  The program sounds good, but I am a bit skeptical about Central America and why you would travel so far for the program.

You:  Yes, I knew that would be a concern.  Costa Rica and Nicaragua are actually quite accessible with lots of direct flights from major cities in the USA.  The countries are safe and offers a pristine and beautiful location for leadership development.  The program refers to it as "the right climate for learning."

Boss:  What does this program cost?

You:  The program is $7,200 all inclusive other than airfare. That includes all courses, assessments, coaching, program materials, ground transportation, hotel room, meals, and activities.  The program price is comparable to the cost of many week-long leadership development programs. 

Boss:  Let me read up on it a bit more, but it does sound interesting.

You:  One last piece about the program.  The program also includes surfing lessons.  I know that sounds a bit crazy, but learning to surf is a healthy activity that has some great parallels to learning to be a better leader.  LeaderSurf, as the program is called promises that through teaching participants to surf, they will enhance leadership capability.  Here is a link to a short video detailing the rationale.