How do I sign up for the LeaderSurf Program?

You follow this link to sign up.  Once we receive your information, a representative of LeaderSurf will reach out to you with an enrollment package and information to reserve your spot.

Do I need to have any prior surfing experience?

No you do not need to have any prior surfing experience to participate in the program.  We have expert instructors who will teach you how to surf.  You must be a competent swimmer, but previous surfing experience is not necessary.

If I already know how to surf, is the program still suitable for me?

Absolutely, the program is focused on enhancing individual capability.  If you are a competent surfer, you will get to put your skills to work on great waves and improve your abilities.  

Who will lead the leadership development program?

The leadership development program and coaching sessions will be led by Brian Formato.  Brian is a certified coach and organizational development professional who leads Groove Management consulting when not running LeaderSurf programs.

Will there be free time to relax or to do other work during the program?

Yes, there are structured sessions each day, but we have also made time for individuals to relax and catch up on other work.  All leadership sessions and group meals are mandatory, since so much of the learning is community based, but there is plenty of free time each day.

What do I need to do to prepare for the program?

There is some pre-work that will be assigned which includes completing leadership assessments, filling out a profile and bio, conducting a pre-event planning call and some pre-reading.  Additionally, we recommend that participants begin an exercise regiment at least one month before the program to increase physical fitness.

How to travel to the program?

There are several airlines that fly from the US to Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica and Managua (MGA), Nicaragua.  Among them are TACA, American Airlines, Delta, and Spirit Airlines.  Ground transportation from the airports in Liberia and Managua is included unless your flight times don't align with the rest of the group, we can arrange private transportation at your request.  Folly Beach, SC is accessible via Charleston International Airport.  Ground transportation from the airport takes about 30 minutes.

What do I need to bring?

Most importantly is an open mind.  Shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, sunscreen, light casual clothes, good walking shoes for when we do our community project, and sunglasses.

What not to bring?

Fine jewelry, business clothes, and work