Fear Not The Unknown

Fear not the unknown…

My friend Donald Stone, a professional surf photographer who lives in Nicaragua posted the photo below on Facebook.

Fear Not The Unknown

Fear Not The Unknown

"Have you ever had a Magic board or wondered what would it take to find one? They don’t come often, if ever. Everyone thinks they know what boards are best for them, but do you really?

Recently I was given a 5’8” Asymmetrical surfboard. Quad on one side big twin fin on the other, specifically made for someone that’s 6’2” tall 165 lbs. This board wasn’t meant for me at 5’6”, 120 lbs, right? Or is it?

I’ve only had one “Magic Board” in my life and others that ranked in the top 5. Oddly enough this board ranks among the best.

My point is. Don’t be afraid to try something… different, even a little bit, than your everyday board.That difference may in fact change everything about what you thought you needed in a board. And most importantly is what it can do for your surfing."

Donald may have been referring to this strange looking surfboard, but his advise can apply to all of us and to everyday life.

Fear Not The UNKNOWN

Forget about the surfboard and take the last paragraph as sage advise:

Don't be afraid to try something...different, even a little bit, than your everyday. That difference may in fact change everything about what you thought you needed. And most importantly what it can do for you.

Donald Stone photography

Donald Stone photography

Donald's insightful advise is the premise for the LeaderSurf leadership development program. The program is about pushing leaders out of their comfort zones and having them try something new. In so doing, they expand their minds and realize their full potential.

Life lessons from surfing is a passion of mine and I love it when people like Donald share these type of insights. Several others have made the connection between surfing and leadership. Here are a list of examples: Surfing and Leadership