LeaderSurf Launch Press Release- May 17, 2016





Brian Formato

President, LeaderSurf LLC

704-966-9819, brian@leadersurf.com

LeaderSurf, a leadership development program like no other

Charlotte, North Carolina May 17, 2016 – Introducing LeaderSurf LLC, a leadership development program like no other.  Developing leadership capability is core to an organization’s long term success.  While there is a sea of programs that claim to develop leadership competency, LeaderSurf takes a new approach.

LeaderSurf is a leadership development program based on experiential learning and focused on enhancing leadership capability.  LeaderSurf is a unique week-long leadership development program that brings together like-minded professionals for a week of self-improvement, executive coaching and life coaching.  The structured program provides a unique learning opportunity with life skills that will translate into better career performance. The program is held at Playa Santana in Nicaragua, Central America. LeaderSurf incorporates learning to surf or enhancing surfing skills into the development program curriculum.  Surfing serves as an excellent metaphor for learning to be a better leader. Through a partnership with Waves For Water, LeaderSurf participants will also engage in a humanitarian effort to bring access to clean drinking water to local villages in Nicaragua.

According to Brian Formato, President of LeaderSurf

“We believe that adults learn best when they are exposed to a foreign learning environment. Classroom based leadership programs do not foster sustainable behavior change.  Our unique LeaderSurf program creates a diverse learning community in an exotic surrounding.  The result is a program that drives lasting results and challenges leaders to see themselves and their world through a new lens.”

In addition to leading LeaderSurf Brian Formato also runs Groove Management LLC a human capital consulting firm.

LeaderSurf is currently enrolling classes for Fall 2016 and Winter 2017.  Learn more about the LeaderSurf leadership development program at www.leadersurf.com


About LeaderSurf

LeaderSurf is an executive development provider that runs week long leadership development programs that are action oriented and based on experiential learning.  Programs focus on small group sizes of learners from diverse companies and work functions.